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Our Mission


Pets are a huge part of our family and this is why we are on a mission to help our beloved fur-babies have the greatest comfort while they sleep. At Pawroxsy, building a better world for pets isn’t just our mission – it is the driving force behind everything we do, it is what motivates us and this is why the Pawroxsy Calming Anxiety pet’s bed is an incredible new pets revolution bed that is designed to bring a visibly calming anxiety effect on our pets while they sleep on the bed. 


Everyone needs a good night's sleep to thrive and live a happy life. A lack of comfortable sleep can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems. It is no different with our furry family members! At Paroxsy we wish that our pet’s could live forever but sadly we know nothing lasts forever. As such we want to help you and your pets to get the absolute most out of your precious time together. 

According to a published study over 40% of pets suffer anxiety at some stage in their life. An alarming statistic like this should not be taken lightly, no one should suffer alone, especially our beloved pets. By providing a loving environment and accompanying them with one of our calming dog beds countless customers have seen the positive effects in the lives of their pets; bigger smiles, longer sleeps and less variable behaviour. 


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